— Phantom Followers —

Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
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Strangers in the dark
reading my pondering – inhaling my personality
exhaling my thoughts – following my name
subscribed to my life – yet leaving no word
no mark or sign of their existence

I’m befuddled by this … why would one follow
another without leaving a footprint?

“Say Something”
“Like Something” – “Do Something”

(or choose to unfollow)

Please DO NOT follow my blog for the sole purpose of mass following, advertising, or for any ill purpose … offensive, wrong or unethical. I would appreciate the same show of respect that I myself give to others.
Thank you.
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41 thoughts on “— Phantom Followers —”

    1. Haha Lorrie, thank you! It was more a “biff in the head?” for the 100+ followers that don’t like or comment any of my posts (EVER), they’re footprint’less …. I have no idea why they’re following me – it is befuddling lol. Your comment was great! hahahahaha – You rock girl! That was a good tickle lol.

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      1. I don’t know what to say – I keep repeating how humbled I am, how grateful I am, how mind-blown I am, how much I appreciate it and none of that feels like its enough. Thank you so much Michelle!

        Again blessings to you ❤ – to everyone who has been dancing around my Planet. 🙂


    1. I’m getting an award? Mish’y!!! (lol I don’t know why I call you Mish’y – it’s my cute name for you hehe). I haven’t been able to visit anyone’s blogs in what feels like a week or more? (My doggy updates under my “Count On Me” post explain why – I’ve been updating there, dated updates with pictures. I’ve felt SO BAD, and miss reading and visiting everyone’s blogs so much and in the midst of this I’m getting an award? You just made me cry!! Then again, everything is these days lol. Wow, I’m beyond humbled – just WOW. Thank you Mish’y. ((((((hugs))))). Going to the link now. xoxoxox ❤ 🙂

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  1. You’re correct. Very few of my followers speak to me. When they do, I’m actually surprised. I don’t know if they like my posts. But I assume they do, since they are listed as followers. You were one of the few who spoke to me. Thank you.

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    1. Well I’m definitely glad that I was one who did. I don’t know, I stopped assuming that they like what I’m sharing, or they’d in the least say a peep or click a like – something? I’ve gone through my followers list and found so many get rich quick blogs, others who do nothing but reblog, weird yahoo sales and a bunch of other things. Many have admitted to “mass following” as a means to get people to follow them – but to me that’s ridiculous. I don’t share my heart and experiences for the desire of “stats” – I share it, because it feels good to get it out – and if it makes others feel good as well, or touches them in some way, that’s even better. I’d rather have 10 followers who I actually hear from, then 200 that I are complete phantoms.


        1. Thank you Susanne – I’m glad someone does! LOL I don’t understand how a site like this could not have a feature where you have to approve follower requests as well as the ability to stop someone from following you. I came to WP toward the end of June (this year) – I now have 217 followers and I haven’t a clue who more than possibly 30 of them (if that many) are? A few are friends/followers of my friends/followers – but outside of that, I’ve got no idea who these people are …they never comment, they never like anything -it’s creepy. Do I know them? Are they copying my work? Are they stalkers? I know some are just spammers trying to sell things – but darn if I’m going to spend the time going through the entire 200+ list to figure out who’s who and why lol. I’m genuinely befuddled by this. I don’t follow anyone I don’t want to read – and if I ever change my mind – I un-follow them. I don’t get it. *scratches head*


          1. I began blogging last September. I picked up over 500 followers on WordPress but I only follow about 50 of them. They follow me on and off. The rest of them, the 450, must follow thousands of people on the off chance that someone will follow them. I have 200 on tumbrl.com and over 600 on Google. I have 3,000 followers on Twitter. I have no idea who any of these people are. I try not to think about it too much. If I did, I would become really paranoid. I know that not even a tiny fraction of them are buying my book. Oh well.

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            1. I’d rather have a tiny handful of followers that actually offer me insight, a learning curve, help me grow and from time to time enjoy my “experience” type writing, than a mass following of phantoms. My goodness, you’re on all of those sites? I can barely keep up on one – and I’m not working right now – if I was, I’d be cutting my time back here as well. My FB friends have no idea where I’ve been since I’ve become more and more linked to WP. Then again they offer the “share” option so you can post to all the sites at one time if I’m correct?


              1. I had to join all the sites to promote my book. I did all this for my one little book. But then I began to blog and found that I loved it. I should have gone into writing instead of finance and those years ago. But better late than never.

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                1. It’s never to late to follow your passion Sussanne. I’ve been writing all of my life – I used to write in short story form many, many “lifetimes” ago – began writing poetry in 2nd grade and anyone who knows me knows I love writing I don’t do a lot of “real writing” here – this is more of an expressive outlet for me – which I enjoy just as much – I love re-creating a real experience – but alas, I’ve yet to follow my true passion, so I give you huge kudos for following yours!

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    1. Hello Natalie, nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my site as well. It’s quite different than yours, though I do hope you’ll find something here and there that you like. 🙂 Our differences are what make like so enjoyable. You’re very welcome for my visit to your site – and once there it was so beautiful that I knew I had to follow you, and so I did. 🙂 Very nice to meet you. Blessing and Love to you as well. ❤ Kimberly


  2. Hi, Kimberly. It’s so nice to meet you too. I’m sure I will find things to like on your blog. It is not only the differences but the similarities as well that make life and meeting new people so enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoy my blogging experience because of the lovely people I’ve met through it. So welcome aboard to both of us! I hope you have a great weekend. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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  3. I follow blogs because I want to remember they’re there–sweet songs amidst the cacophony–doesn’t mean i have time to return daily, or read every post, or contribute something of substance with a comment. A return follow is never expected–I read without expectation or obligation.


    1. It’s been out for quite some time – it had a great impact on me in other avenues of life, but found it to be the perfect song for “my phantom followers. ” Hello Genie, and thank you for following me. I LOVED the milk of kindness!

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  4. Hi. I related to what you said about faith on a Paul Lenzi poem, and so here I am. I absolutely agree with you here too. You can also go through all of your followers and block the phantoms. I will now go explore your blog a bit 🙂


    1. Going through all of the followers would take far too long – I had tried that at one point, thee’s just not good enough options to do it with ease, and quickly. But anyway, I digress … HI and welcome Amaya. 🙂


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