— About The Author —

Well hello there … and Welcome!

My name’s Kimberly (a.k.a. Kimba), not Planet Dream, though I do frequent there more often than not. I’m genuinely in love with trees, all things nature, greatly connected to wildlife, and I am fascinated by far away realms, fairies, dragonflies and butterflies, all representing extremely beautiful spiritual beings to me.

I’m 54 years young (no idea how that happened), and was born and raised in the NYC area, now living in FL for the past 16 years, where the sun shines faithfully, smiles are abundant and the politics are, quite frankly, absurd.

I wouldn’t describe myself as literary – or even a novice writer, but more of an emotional expressionist. Creating an experience by combining sight, sound and scribe has always been a huge outlet for me, something I put my very heart and soul into, allowing me to fully express and recreate a real-life feeling, situation, thought, dream, passion or statement, all of which are very near and dear to my heart (please read my “Content Disclaimer”). Occasionally I’m the only one it makes sense to, other times it reaches many (my preference). For me it’s akin to revealing those secrets of the mind, or heart, that ache to be told. It’s extremely rare, closer to never, that I’ll write or artistically create something fictional, though every blue moon and a half a little something silly slips out. 😉

As an intensely spiritual being, I’m greatly affected and connected to “source” and all living beings (our planet included) – believing in, seeing and feeling things that most don’t recognize, as well as a welcoming, passionate, eclectic, genuine and inquisitive little bugger, who can go from quite heavy and deep, directly into loving and nurturing, and then slipping right over to light, silly and playful without a moment’s notice. Additionally, as of 12/10/15, I became a real life miracle, as well as a tenacious warrior (my story isn’t told in one chapter). 😉

I genuinely welcome the opportunity to network with others such as myself, as well as the incredibly large talent and beautiful hearts I’ve been fortunate enough to come across on this site, many of whom I admire greatly and am in absolute awe of, some of whom have crossed over and are missed very much.

To all who are following me now, or might in the future, thank you, it sincerely humbles me. I’d greatly welcome any likes, comments, input or direction – they’re always much appreciated as a source of learning and connection for me. 💗

Welcome to the inner most realm of my giant, onion-like personality. 😉

Note: The best way to view my site, as well as each post, is by visiting my actual site … and doing so via a computer. The WordPress “Reader” itself, as well as phones, tablet apps and email, simply do not cooperate well with my template or post designs, disallowing onlookers from experiencing what it is I’ve put together. Ah the magical tragedies of “free hosting of a free account.” 🙃 🤷🏽‍♀️

11 thoughts on “— About The Author —”

    1. Thank you, your poetry, more like your eloquent writing, drew me right in, total follow, very inspiring and awesome reads. Thank you for sharing your talents, for visiting .. and hope to see you in my corner of the “words” again. 😉

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    1. Ah, a fellow tree lover. Who can’t love a tree lover? 😀 I cry or get a wrenched stomach (true story), each time I see them clearing more and more trees to build. They’ve got a network of roots, much like our bloodlines, which they use to speak to another, help each other and more, kill, hurt or take down one, and they all feel the loss. Oh, I could go on and on about the trees, they’re dear friends of mine hehe, I’d better stop here lol. Very nice to hear from another tree lover. ❤

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        1. Oh Sheldon, please be careful what you wish for. The “Sunshine State” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s pretty much upside and backwards here – a land of its own. And, all things are wonderful, including the good and the bad (can’t have one without the other, making both good), in moderation. Too much of anything is never a good thing. * food for thought* 😉

          I’m intrigued though … what is it you’ve learned to be the meaning of the sun?


          1. I never saw its beauty the suns that is before that’s why I said it took 64yrs to understand the beauty in its nature
            I’ve been noticing the clouds more
            As cotton by a child of years plays
            I even see the beauty of a building how its windows reflect the skies
            I see the beauty more & more
            And in that more I see its art
            Sheldon As Usual

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