Heart of Natalie 🌷

Written By Β© KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries For Natalie
Please start the music above the picture before reading. Thank you. β™₯

For Beautiful & Wondrous β†’ Natalie Scarberry / Sacred Touches ←
Rest Peacefully My Beloved And Treasured Friend β€” (4/8/19)

line symbol down

Dawn hatches petals

glimmering in warmth and glee

morning blooms appear


β€” Heart of Natalie β€”

πŸ’“ 🌷 πŸ’“

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50 thoughts on “Heart of Natalie 🌷”

    1. Thanks so very much Susanne <3. Natalie is very near and dear to me. To know her, even a little, let alone a lot, is to know that not only does she love her garden and flowers oh so much, but her heart itself is that of a flower. She's going through a very rough time right now … it felt right to honor her by capturing a piece of her heart and essence.

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  1. My Bitty, today is the day we believe you are leaving our earth. My heart hurts. In each flower that holds dew and blooms … that sings to the sun, will be a reminder of your glow and a scent of your spirit. Thank you for all of our years together, thank you … for you. I’m honored, filled with gratitude and humbled to have shared the love that was you and I. ❀ I’ll miss you immensely, but you will ALWAYS be with me. This isn’t goodbye Auntie N, it’s I’ll see you soon. Be blissfully peaceful my beloved friend and family. Eternally your Little Missy. πŸ’–πŸŒ·πŸ’–


    1. Thank you so very much Becky. Natalie was extremely special. There’s a link to her site directly under the artwork of this post, seeing her site will make this tribute to her have an even deeper meaning. πŸ’–πŸŒ·πŸ’–

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  2. Ah! Kimba! 😦 😦
    Dear, sweet Natalie…she was one of the first people I connected with when I started blogging.
    Your words, music, art…a perfect tribute.
    I hope you are well…I know you are walking your path. May it be with love and wellness ❀ ❀

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    1. Hello dear Lorrie. Thank you, I wanted it to express Natalie and not me, to feel like Natalie and not me, and to express her heart and the beauty and love of flowers through her eyes, her essence … I wanted it to be “Natalie.” Thank you for telling me that I got it right, that was very important to me. ❀ With regard to my path, thank you as always for the beautiful wishes and words, I’ll try to email you sometime soon to discuss. Much love Lorrie. ❀

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      1. My heart really hurts…Natalie was so beautiful. I am so sorry that she had to suffer so at the end. I am happy that you were there for her. I always knew you two had a special bond and I also knew that whatever tribute you shared would be one that not only captured her essence…her soul…but also spoke to the soul that YOU are!! It couldn’t be more beautiful…or true!

        I look forward to an email when you can. Sweet blessings to you…You have entered my mind so many times…hope you could feel it! With lots of love ❀

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    1. πŸ’– Bette. πŸ’– Me too, very much. πŸ’– I believe we all do, countless, near and far. Though I also believe that her soul lives on ever so strongly.

      We’re all made of stardust, but on rare occasion one bright and beautiful cluster of stardust turns into a shining star that not only brightens the heavens, but shines eternally. Natalie was one of those extraordinary occasions, she still shines ever so brightly. Unique, beautiful and rare indeed. Her energy, the scent of her heart, wit, love, whimsy, positiveness and great faith will forever linger everywhere, and with whomever had or will cross her path. ❣️🌷 ❣️

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  3. Oh, My Dear! Your post, music and the remembrance of Dear Natalie brought tears to my eyes this Easter Morning!! Natalie was such an Angel and now she will have wings to prove it! Her posts were so wonderful and I reblogged them all the time! So beautiful, uplifting and inspiring! I do hope her daughter and family will keep her blog active and up on WP like Paul Lenzi’s family has done with his blog. I want to travel back to the beginning of her blog and catch up on all that I have yet to love! Maybe all of us who loved her should encourage our followers to do that too???

    Thank you again, My Dear for such a tender and loving tribute to our Dear Natalie!!! You still have me tearing!

    Stunningly awesome post!!!! Bellissimo!

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  4. Today is one month since Bitty (Natalie) went into the hospital. It’s been a difficult month, in many ways, to say the least … but far more appropriate for the β€œHeart of Natalie” (and far more what she’d want me to be focusing on) is that the 2 plants she taught me how to bring back to life are now growing and growing 🌱. They’re now called my Bitty plants … and each time a new leaf grows, it feels as though she’s sprinkling them with her love. βœ¨πŸ’–βœ¨

    I’m grateful and ever so blessed for the gift of having Natalie in my life in such a strong way. She was and will always be … a dear, true and treasured friend (family). Eternal Love BiNitty! πŸ’– I know the gardens in Heaven must be rejoicing having you taking care of them. 🌷


    1. Hi again Sheila. 😊 While most of the artwork on my site is my own, this one wasn’t. And, on the rare occasion that I just Google for something it always takes quite a bit of time until I’m impressed. This one came to me as the first one I saw, it was meant to me for the purpose of which it was being used. πŸ’• 🌷 πŸ’•

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    1. Thank you for viewing and experiencing it. xoxo Creating it was humbling. πŸ’ My hope … is that it exudes the essence of Natalie’s spirit so strongly, that it touches the very fragrance of her soul – in every corner of the universe, every dimension … and every reality, for all time.


  5. Hello from my dimension my beloved friend. I’m finding it rather difficult posting on WordPress without you hear, but you were such an encourager, ARE not were … and I know that it’s what you want for me .. to be me, to express myself, to create, to speak in my own language. Yet, without your name, unique and beautiful, at times, funny responses, followed by your countless emojis, alas it’s not the same. I love you Natalie – my Bitty Bop you are missed on Earth in our timeline by many. ❀ xoxo


    1. πŸ’– I do as well Chuck, very much, though while here … in real life we were just us – here is where we shared our individual expressive or creative sides. I’ve been posting things I know she’d love all weekend and she’d be so happy to see me creating again. Natalie (or as I called her more often than not “Bitty or Nitty,” wasn’t only divinely faith filled, extremely well read and written, but also had/has (as I believe her essence is near), an openness and way of understanding what I create, especially if there was a bit of magic or whimsy involved – she would have loved my current 2 posts, there’s a little it of both of us in them. WP is certainly a bit hollow without her presence. It’s warming to hear the hearts of those who share my sentiments about her. πŸ’–

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      1. You are such a sweetheart and so blessed to have a closer relationship with her than most of us!! Very happy to hear you are doing some special posting!! Yes, WP is just a little bit hallow without, Dear Natalie!!! I always counted on being able to go to her site and find something inspiring for me and my followers. I have missed that. I think I shall go back to the start of her blog and start reading her posts and sharing!! Sweet remembrances of Natalie!!!

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