Broken Butterfly

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Originally posted 3/30/2018 – on 8/2/18 it become immeasurably more accurate.


Challenges unsung in the public eye

excluding such lyrics that terrify

prefers to be heard as a lullaby

daily duel not to cry — Broken Butterfly.

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27 thoughts on “Broken Butterfly”

    1. 😢 In life it can be easier to hide from your brokenness. Hide behind patience, behind gratitude, behind a smile, behind laughter, behind kindness, behind all of the beauty, behind the small, yet many, miracles, behind your dreams … and behind love. In time, all that you hide behind becomes as much a reality as your brokenness.

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    2. It’s beautiful. It’s challenging to choose between duel and dual. The idea of “half” is introduced in the first line, with the possibility of dual in the second, but it changes the meaning of the sentence. Perhaps it could be read to infer both. I can get deep into word choice. haha It’s beautiful K

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      1. Thank you so very much Ken-To-The-Pen, I appreciate your response and input muchly. 🙂 This is a bit more me, it takes me some time playing with words these days. Duel was correct, swords up. 🙂 hehe. Once again, aside from the Academy, I’d like to thank hehe. *insert applause here* 😀

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      2. BTW, yes – both dual and duel would have been an accurate expression of truth. Duality would certainly refer to my blissful joy over the rain soaked trees and then turning into a broken butterfly soon after. However, the broken butterfly “duels” with my “blissness” on a daily basis. I believe I might possibly be experiencing a duel with my dual.

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  1. Wow!
    I want a word that is better than that…you hit me with this one…right in the gurn (private joke…tell you sometime 😉 But yes…right in the heart…the soul. Just beautiful ❤ ❤
    I posted the launch of Ask Seek Knock…with the new logo! Your help with it was invaluable…did I say THANK YOU? Thank you thank you thank you???!!! I hope you like it better…I do 😉 I also changed…the door IS always open…to the door WILL always open!
    Love you…hope that this Easter Sunday finds you feeling good and feeling love…especially for yourself.
    Many sweet blessings my friend ❤

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    1. Thank you love, it’s definitely a personal expression of my own experience, but I know so many in different circumstances than my own, who also go through the “daily duel.” I thought it would be something nice to share, not only allowing another one of my layers to be seen (right before it I posted Tree Jubilee, which is SO upbeat – total polarity), but to let people people know that no one dealing with “duelty” or “dualty” is alone in their conundrum. I’m glad it touched your heart in any way that it did. It always means the world to me when something I create reaches into the emotions of those who view it.

      YAY and congratulations on your launch! You’re a very strong intuitive, which as you know, I know personally, and it’s sure to be of service to others. Alas, I must stay grandfathered in on your freebie list until at least sometime in 2019. 😉 :-p 😀 lol

      LOVE the change from IS to WILL – fabulous! Best wishes and huge success being sent your way. ❤


      1. HaHaHa!! YOU BET…lifetime membership!! 🙂
        Thanks again for your help…and your ever present support (now that you are present again…can’t tell you how many times I thought about you!!!)
        Yes…I can see your creative energy is really ramping up…and that is a really, really good sign!! That is the energy of healing, my friend. The more we allow that energy to come to the surface…and just go with it…Ah! It is the MAGNIFICENCE OF CREATION… so many definitions…but oh, so powerful. I can FEEL your energy…and it’s beautiful!
        Sweet blessings…and thanks again for all your help…it wouldn’t have been as good without you!! (especially couldn’t stand it to read like a TV add!!!) ❤ ❤

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        1. LOL @ TV Ad! it shall be our private joke forevermore. Haha! I didn’t do much, all I did was support you and throw one small idea out there, you did this on your own love, but thank you for including me on a far larger scale than I played a role in. And YAY!! A life time membership! *flutters eye lashes* hehe I love you too. xox

          Yes, my creative energy is definitely ramping up, and you’re so very right that there’s such magnificence in creation, one I’ve felt empty without for the past 2+ years. When it recently, and FINALLY, came back (as in I literally woke up and it was there), I got overly zealous and pushed myself to use what I’d felt so suffocated without for the past couple of years. But, what I used to blurt out so fluidly and easily, is currently taking intense concentration, non-stop rewrites, art fixes, and all day, or days, of “word finding,” with even more updating on those. It’s taken a bit of a toll on me, so I need to stay aware of that and ease up some, work on regaining this part of myself a little slower (baby steps). On a SUPER positive note, a year ago I couldn’t find my creativity at all, and the year before that, the word creativity was completely removed from my dictionary, so I’ve got a LOT to be grateful for, and I AM! At the end of the day, though this too is causing me a duel and dual 😉 , I’ve come a long way baby! 😀 Thank you for all of your encouragement and kind words, they mean more to me than you know. Love you big much! xoxox

          P.S. I rewrote this comment 50 billion times! LOL … the perfect example of what I wrote about above. Your notifications must have been going crazy lol. My most sincere notification apology lol.

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          1. Ahhhhhh!!! I swear…I don’t know where it went!
            Thanks for the heads up 😉
            Best of everything to you…so happy you are back!! Here it is almost 8…and I have to make dinner! No deadline for that I suppose 😁
            Hope you have a super wonderful night…and a great week ahead 💜

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            1. And…the funny thing about it is…that was the third time today that something either in my laptop or my phone just disappeared into thin air!! I started to think I was going crazy…i didn’t think that I was doing it…but poof!! 😁
              Have a good night, Kimba…and really…thanks 💜

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  2. Ya know if we all hid our brokenness, there’d be nobody outside anywhere love. We are all broken, and it’s a our brokenness often that brings out the best and the sweetest in us!!! Love this and you!!! 🙂 ,3 oxoxoxoxox

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  3. I too feel very broken right now, and like humpty dumptly I don’t know if all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can put me back together again. But then maybe a better me will emerge some where over the wall humpty fell from. Who knows? But I am hopeful that both of us will find purpose in our brokenness and in that find our salvation and reason to climb up and move on, love, 🙂 ❤ xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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    1. I know my sweet Bitty ((Big Hugs)). I agree with your sentiment and thoughts, and wish and pray for it for us both. However, we need tools in which to climb within this illusory reality, and after my vessel was unjustly damaged and my tools taken away … residing in the illusory reality we currently exist in consciously, and the man-made society existing in it even further, I required Justice in order for me to build my ladder in which to climb. I just don’t know BaNitty. 🤷 😑


      1. It pains me that you didn’t have a chance to see my last comment to you, responding to your comment. My saving grace is that I know in my heart that you already knew, and do from where you now roam. ❣️🌷❣️. I sure hope you’re checking WP from Heaven. 💓


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