Shall We Dance

Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
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Need not your lips to accent, nor your ears to apprehend
to couple with another in a dazzling waltz of thought.

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— The anniversary of my return to WordPress —
Shall We Dance?

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22 thoughts on “Shall We Dance”

    1. More of a Unity of Consciousness, but Unity of minds certainly works too! 🙂 There should be a “follow me by email” and normal follow me link – I’ve been gone for a while so I don’t know what’s changed and/or if they removed that widget from my site. I’ll play with a few of my widgets, hopefully I won’t break/lose anything lol. 😉

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  1. I finally was able to open your post on the reader. Why I could do it from my email I know not. But I’m going to try unfollowing you and immediately following you to see if that corrects the problem. And yes, I’m always up for a dance in any way or fashion! Love you, Natalie 🙂 ❤

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    1. My Bitty! ← Quite the oxymoron when speaking of you; nonetheless, my affectionately given play name for you. 🙂 You are indeed a dancer of consciousness, quite fashionably stemming from your heart. I hope you were able to correct the problem. Please let me know. WONDERFUL to hear from you and looking forward to much of the same.

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      1. No, I hadn’t seen this. I don’t know why. As usual WP pisses me off on a regular basis. A dancer of consciousness, huh?! Well as long as I do it gracefully and with style, I’m good with it. I did get your post yesterday and it did open up for me so I guess that a start and who knows maybe they’ll let me get your comments too. Love, love, and more, N 🙂 ❤

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  2. Hello beautiful soul!! I’m so happy that I have been able to stay connected to your blog 😉 When I see a post from you, my heart smiles 🙂

    I have not been here as much as I would like…and I know you have been going through a tough time. I know it sounds cliche to talk about life’s ups and downs…but I know that all we experience is meant to strengthen us…to change us…to help us!

    And then there are souls who sit, waiting in the wings…who let you know you are not alone…no matter how hard the hard parts…they are there. So know, dear Kimba, that my soul is your friend and it sits silently…but it is always herw…and you are never alone!!

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    1. Ah *exhale of gratitude*, Sweet Angel “Lovely Lorrie” thank you. So HAPPY to reconnect with you. ❤ You and I do so very much dance the waltz of thought. You said so much of what I would say to you … so, all you've said and more — right backatcha. Much love my Soul SiStar. ♡♡♡

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    2. OMG…KIMBA!
      Wow…dear friend…where have you been???
      Okay…so…literally maybe 4 days ago…out of the blue you entered my mind!!! And then here you are!! It should not surprise me as this has happened before…but girl!! What the heck happened to you???
      Please…go to my blog…and in the menu go to the ‘contact me’ page…you can send a private message directly to my email from there.
      But please…know….that I am sending healing love and pray that you are healing in every moment. 💜💜

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      1. Synchronicity has always been something we shared. Lovers of light and empaths of heart and mind. I just finished emailing Natalie a story and a 1/2, which took me so long to write (as do these comments), though her letter wasn’t proofread, I’m not proofreading too well these days. If not too insulting to you, would you mind if I forwarded you the same letter? I would normally write you something more personal, but it’s super challenging for me to think, write and look at words at the same time, and since it’s already written, it will fill you in on nearly everything. If okay, where would I send it? I might have your email already, I’ll have to check my old email account.


    1. Hi Susanne! It certainly is. I was trying to find a piece that would meld the “waltz of thought” together with “the anniversary of my return” – and then there it was in the web covered bookshelves of my childhood memories … “The Anniversary Waltz.”


    1. One of mine too! I’ve wanted to take ballroom dance lessons for YEARS. Getting dressed up for a ball and dancing a Waltz is something that’s always seemed like such a deep experience and connection to share with another (to me anyway – and let’s not forget fun!). 🙂 A definite bucket list item for me. I found it intriguing, while writing shall we dance, how somewhere between the animation and my attempt to poetically describe communicating through consciousness, I ended up envisioning a Waltz. It was one of those moments when you finish something and think “hey, kind of cool.” 🙂


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