Message From Beyond

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Dedicated to my grandmother and the song that she sent me from beyond in 1992

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She was 26 when the elder had left

to another realm leaving this one bereft

of the past generation and the wisdom thereof …

the glue of the family – the meaning of love.

A message was sent soon after that day

through radio waves as a singing boutique

of melody-fragranced notes blooming child please beware …

“I’ll be with you always – but be careful out there.”
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* Significant Moments Remembered *

her message from beyond
still sings 24 years later

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4 thoughts on “Message From Beyond”

        1. It sounds like you’re doing what you love, which is wonderful … but yes *giggles* – social media can be a black hole within which time does not exist. Step away Susanne … step away! *insert sounds of monsters pulling you from your purpose here Mwahahahahahaha*

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