Always Love You

Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
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PDDLionLoveYouAll spirits are capable of love, joy, loyalty, pain, fear and tears, none less important than the other.
Original post 10/9/14 for all Lions. Today dedicated to Cecil, may your spirit soar freely. </3

line symbol down

majestic being you’ve been betrayed

land over life so wrongfully outweighed

humans will learn and your worth be repaid

cry not oh sweet spirit – in my heart you shant fade
line symbol up

* I Will Always Love You *

their numbers are dwindling – please help save these beautiful beings

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13 thoughts on “Always Love You”

    1. Thank you Mishy. I think a lot about all of the life that share our planet. It truly hurts me to put myself behind their eyes, to feel their hearts. Their land is disappearing, so are their families, they’re scared, sad, confused and have done nothing at all to deserve it. ❤

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    1. Good evening biddy! xoxox hehe (actually dear one suits you much better). ❤ Thank you sweetheart, I'm glad you liked it, it's very near and dear to me. I was hoping to invoke a bit of compassion, or help, toward the fate of these beautiful beings into the hearts and lives of others as well. My heart aches for the fate of all wildlife – but the lions, especially the white lions, have been a concern of mine for many a decade. Love and hugs N … K 🙂 ❤


  1. To know me, to truly know me and who I am inside, is to know that the minute I placed that tear drop on the lion’s eye, my heart broke and I too began to cry. What I wouldn’t give to be able to take a trip to Africa, and India, as well as so many other places, and truly spend time with these majestic and free animals. I’ve recently contacted a few organizations to see, other than donations, if there’s anything I can do to become involved, not just in letter writing, but genuinely involved – up close and personal, in becoming a part of their lives, as well as their futures.


    1. YAY, you found it. It was the lion, the white lions more so, that was in my focus and heart while writing – but you were there as well, knowing how close your spirit and heart is to all living things. I had us both in mind while writing this. I swear Carol – the moment I placed the tear on the lions face I began to weep. I’m so glad you were finally able to find it and so happy that you liked it – that means a lot to me coming from someone who expresses so much of her love for these beautiful beings we share our planet with. Thank you sweetheart. ❤ *the dove of love*

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