I Am Woman

Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
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Roaring, Soaring, Exploring
Problem Deploring, Solution Restoring
— Never Boring —
Growth Outpouring, Love Imploring, Forever Enduring

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I Am Woman

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28 thoughts on “I Am Woman”

    1. Thank you Natalie!!!! xoxoxox ❤ 🙂   At times I’m a bit too humble and don’t give myself enough recognition, but … while I wouldn't wish any of it on anyone, I'm really loving what all of the challenges I've come through have done for me. I’m so rejuvenated (mind and spirit) – stronger,clearer, more peaceful and more defined than ever before. I'm a little proud of me. 😀 I will tell you a little secret though … it feels incredibly good that you're proud of me. ❤ ❤ ❤ MUAH!!!!!

      P.S. LMAO re: never boring. Who me? That’s because I suffer from mild insanity hahaha. *wink*

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  1. You should be very proud of yourself, Kimberly. You have come through a lot and you’re still standing and making a great come back! And that’s huge!!!! xoxoxo Hugs, N 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤
    PS. That's why we connect; I'm still a bit crazy after all these years too!
    wink wink

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    1. Isn’t that a song “still crazy after all these years” – I do believe it is! Thank you sweetheart, so very, very much. I haven’t made my full come back yet – that will happen when GG is through this and I start looking and then finally find work, but spiritually, I AM BACK!!!! Thank you Natalie, I know you “kind of” know – but you don’t fully know how very much you mean to me – your encouragement, kindness and belief in me is very warming and has a bit to do with how quickly I snapped out of the darkness. I told someone about you – “kindred” – not in detail, just that there’s someone I could swear I’ve known for a very, very, very long time (before this life) – and that there’s such a strong and loving connection. I love how we are given the sight to find our connections on our journey when we’re open to finding them. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Crazy Woman! hehe

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      1. Yeppers, tis a song! Hey, getting started on the journey is sometimes have the battle won. And you are so welcome for anything that I did that helped you. Indeed it seems that from the first moment you popped into my inbox, we had known each other forever. I actually read not too long ago that in our DNA is information about places and people from previous generations. I think that’s why for one thing I was so drawn to places like Scotland and England. When we went summer before last, it almost felt like I was going home. And I was not disappointed because I so fell in love with rural England and Scotland and the people there. So who knows, missy, much of life is a mystery and the Lord works in mysterious ways. Whatever the reason and the why for, I’m delighted that we crossed each other’s paths out here in cyberspace. Huge hugs and much love from the Crazy Woman! xoxoxoxoxoxo ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. 😀 I’m going Paul. Where? I dunno, but I’m on my way! I’ve decided that after the past 2 years, there’s NOTHING that can stop me! Well, maybe a traffic jam or a few men holding a white jacket, but other than that, pretty much nothing hehe. 🙂 Thanks Paul!

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  2. Ah love, you are all of this and *so much more*…first of all, the graphic is *amazing*, and the way you described yourself….so true! Go on girl…keep soaring….and you, my friend, are never boring!! ♥ ♥


  3. Hi whomever is left from my old followers!!!! I’ve been gone quite a while – it was a “heavy” Winter. GeorgieGirl passed away, though she did get to play and run a few times again before she passed. It’s been almost 2 months – the grieving is gone, she’s one of my angels now.

    With that said, I hope whomever is still here, is doing well, I’ve thought of you, but hadn’t had much “head” to be here (I hope you can understand).

    My site’s open again (not private anymore), though I don’t know how often I’ll be on … I’ve been taking MANY classes, a new dog is coming to join my life and I’ll be looking for work soon … my days are full and my evenings are for sleep hehe, but I will try from time to time.

    In the meantime, what happened to the “like post” button? My settings still have it set to on, but I’m not seeing it under any of my posts, nor am I seeing who liked any of my old posts unless I’m looking on my Admin page – not directly on each post. Any helpful information, as there have been MANY changes to the site since I was on last, would be welcomed with open arms.

    Much love & light,
    Kimberly ❤


    1. I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering how and where you were! I am so very sorry to hear about Georgie Girl’s passing, Kimberly. I pray she and my little kitten Tuxie that we lost early in the year are in heaven playing and having a great time. I know you miss her terribly and that it was a tragic loss for you. I am still here and glad to hear from you. I had my knee replacement surgery 9 weeks ago this coming Thursday and am doing very well with my new knee. I had hobbled around on a cane with my bad knee for over a year and so my balance is off a little and my gait is not yet quite normal, but it will come with time. My new knee is much prettier than my own old knobby knees, but I’m having to come up with creative ways of getting down on the ground to work in my yard. But that’s okay too. I’ve figured out a couple of ways to get down and then get back up. So it’s all good. We are leaving for a couple of weeks in Europe on June 22nd, and there will be some challenges with that but hey I’ll work that out too. I see the like buttons above on this page so maybe it’s fixed. I’m so glad you’ll be back from time to time. I have missed you terribly. Take care of yourself and post pictures of your new dog when you get them. Much love and huge hugs, Natalie 🙂 ❤

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      1. NATALIE!!!!!! I’m THRILLED that you’re still here. Thank you so very much for your kind words about GeorgieGirl … yes, it was a huge loss and just as much, a horrible shock, but my heart’s healed now, she’s among my many angels, and yes, I’m sure they’re all playing together (our animals). 🙂

        I’m sorry about your kitty, very happy to hear about your knee replacement *YAY* – and I’m sure you’ll get your sea legs back in no time.

        I’ve got quite a bit to do today in preparation for “Jozie Lee” to join me this week, so I can’t stay on long. EXCITING news about your trip to Europe … and so happy to hear you sounding well. ❤

        P.S. I still don't see the "like post" option on any of my posts, and still don't see who's "liked my posts" while viewing my posts, you see the like button on each of my posts, and are able to see who has liked them? I can see who and how many liked them via the WP Admin page, but not when viewing my posts themselves. The entire site has changed drastically since last I was here … navigating and learning what's what and where's what was a bit confusing for me last night.

        Well love, have a beautiful day. I'll certainly post about Jozie once she's arrived and settled in. Why can't I see my likes? 😦

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  4. I’m thrilled that you are still around too, missy! And I can’t wait to see pics of Miss Jozie Lee! I know you are very busy, but at least we’ll be able to hear from you every now and then, and that’s great! I pray that you have a fabulous week. I’m so sorry that your likes have vanished somewhere out there in cyberspace. I hope they find their way home again soon!! Love’n hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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      1. Well! Busy, busy, busy… summer time… been swimming and running daily.. love summer weather, except afternoons, gets so dang hot here in Arizona.

        Enough of me… how is you family, sister, all your world. 🙂

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        1. Hi You (((hugs))). So GLAD to hear that you’re running now too, that’s wonderful! It sounds like you’re feeling better. YAY! And I “feel ya” – I’m in Florida, the afternoons are pretty grueling to say the least (unlike you, this is my least favorite time of year). Sister, do I have a sister? Hmm, come to think about it, I do believe my mother had another child – but err let’s save that for another day lol. GeorgieGirl passed away back in March, not sure if you knew that… that was rough, but after a few months of healing I now have a new doggie named Jozie Lee, she’s … well, the best way to describe her is to call her a Scooby Doo! lol. So much to catch up on, not enough time – let’s email (private) sometime soon. Hope all else and everyone is well in your world. ♥

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          1. Sorry to hear about GeorgieGirl 😦 … but, she’s not in pain now… and, it looks like you have a new friend which is great 🙂

            Yes, I’ll check my inbox later… I’m out the door for the night… good to hear from you and see you’re thriving!

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