Can’t Hurry Love

Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
Please start the music above the picture before reading. Thank you.


a heart filled with love
hopes for a knock at the door
— a big tip awaits —

(oopsie, I wasn’t home! – maybe next time) *wink*

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19 thoughts on “Can’t Hurry Love”

      1. Thank you!! 😀 I was excited (about you know haha). And, I know right – the door’s awesome. I can’t take full credit for the actual door … I found it online all disheveled and messed up (bad picture), cleaned it up some, added the door knocker, roses and card. The funny thing is – my “oopsie” statement was sarcastic humor – (I’m feeling humorous today), because as much as I look forward to the day when love arrives again, knowing that it’ll be amazing – I’m so not ready for it just yet, and would intentionally not be home if I knew it was about to knock. Right now I’m all about getting Georgie through this, getting back to work, possibly taking some classes, building a new life and making and building new friendships – friendship being a far larger priority to me right now than romance. Don’t get me wrong – I love being in love, there’s nothing sweeter, and when I’m ready for it again, in its entirety, the “tip” will be huge … but until then – heck, if they want leave roses at my door… lettem’ – I like roses. hehe. 😀

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  1. Lol! You are so silly! ♥ I wouldn’t be home either…or hiding behind the curtain so that they don’t see me. I want love too, but am just not ready for it either. I am more than happy writing and dreaming, and one day I hope to receive those roses. I love this song, and your art is beautiful 🙂

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    1. LOLOL It started off really serious, because I do have a heart filled with love, and I am waiting for love to come knocking (just not right now — when it’s time and happens as a big surprise), but I just couldn’t help it – it wasn’t done until I wasn’t home haha. Thank you for the compliment Serena – or should I call you curtain peeker? Peeping Serena hehe 😀 ❤

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            1. LOL @ dizzy and nauseous. Mine leaves me chain smoking, hyper and napping …. life’s a big goof – when it’s all over, I betcha someone greets us and says “did you enjoy the ride?” and then starts cracking up laughing lol. That’s when I’ll biff them in the head and say yeah ya smart azz, kick’em in the butt and send them heading straight to earth for their turn! LOL 😀

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  2. How fun and frivolous! I pray that love does come knocking at your door when you are ready and that it’s the love affair of a lifetime!!!!
    You deserve that kind of happiness, sweetie pie! Huge hugs, N ❤


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