Yearning (adult content)

Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
Please start the music above the picture before reading. Thank you.


moistened lips brush against my sheath
a capsule chilled from the wind of your breath
as you immerse your flare into the depths of my soul


— Yearning —

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29 thoughts on “Yearning (adult content)”

  1. Wow! ♥ As soon as I read your comment I just *knew* something was up over here, hehe! This is amazing!!! I love it!! You must have had very good dreams 😀 This couldn’t possibly be your first time writing in a sensual way, is it?

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    1. LOL, came running over didja? 😀 haha     Dreams? I tossed and turned the entire night! I wonder why? LOL   Thank you so much for your positive comment, I’m really glad you liked it! And, nope … I never really wrote sensually; however, I do “think” what I don’t write … this time I wrote it *wink*. It came to me pretty quickly (ya think? *giggles*), it was the darn art and animation, then finding the right song, that took me a few hours. Thank you again Serena, and good morning! 🙂 ❤

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      1. I ran so fast I lost my breath, LOL! The art was absolutely fantastic! (I forgot to mention that in my first comment because I was so excited for what you wrote, haha) I am glad that you wrote what you *think* about. I tend to just write everything, lol….that is why my blog is so random sometimes 🙂

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        1. LOL – I nearly spit out my coffee when I started reading this LOL. My blog’s pretty random too, but it was strongly focused on 2 specific subjects and characters. Now it’s about me, so it’s about to become a LOT more random as I start to show more of who I am. God help you all! 😀 And thank you so much (((hugs))) ❤ re: the art … that was NOT easy and took-up most of my morning (obsess much? me? nevah! – in fact, I'm not even mildly obsessing over the thoughts behind this post right now *yeah right*). haha   WOOT, I'm glad my fleshy thoughts excited someone other than me haha – now for that delivery man you promised? 😀

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          1. Oh yes, he is coming specially wrapped in straws just for you? I’m sure you know what to do with straws, hehe! 😀 Don’t obsess over your thoughts, just write them so we could both enjoy ♥ I totally enjoy random blogs, and if it is going to be geared more towards you, then go for it….I am sure it’s going to be awesome to read! ((Hugs))


            1. Ha! It’s my FAVORITE subject – and quite a good one to obsess over lol 😀 Let’s change out the perception of obsess to “in the zone,” it’s a bit more accurate. Thank you honey, everything you said was very sweet and much appreciated. ❤ 🙂

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                1. Don’t apologize for having a life hon, never. I ended up at the pool for 1/2 hour or so, and then did a little food and clothes shopping, which I shouldn’t be doing considering that Georgie’s 2nd surgery is coming up quickly and I’m not working because of it. *oopsie*

                  You are sooo bad! 😀 Don’t wish for me to be in the zone … I’ll end up broke, fat and frustrated! (unattractive delivery men from various take-out joints around town). hahaha. 😀 😀 😀

                  K, I laughed so hard that I snorted – that was a good laugh!!!! All joking aside now – how’s your evening going Serena? ❤


  2. very hot piece:) i am not one for dabbing the pen in the erotic ink, though recently i have. i am a bit too embarrassed (shy) to post it on my WP blog, however I have elsewhere. {by the way, i hope the puppy is doing well}

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    1. Hi Other Kimberly 😀 and thank you! 😉 I don’t dabble much in erotic ink myself, definitely not on WP, but I decided to start showing a few new layers of myself as of late. Aw, thank you so much for asking about GG <3. xoxox I just updated under the Count On Me post. Thank you again for your comment and concern 🙂 – have a great day!


    1. Well, if I’m going to start being me, I’ve got to be all of me right? All of me, why not take all of me (I’m signing hehe). I had an ooh la la moment. Now I’m embarrassed! Thank you again honey … for being happy I’m here, it’s really humbling and feels warm and fuzzy – which I don’t feel much of these days ((((((((Natalie))))))). ❤ 🙂 ❤

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      1. That’s absolutely right!!! Remember what you’ve said about being genuine. Don’t be embarrassed! It was a very subtle and lovely adult audience post anyway! And your followers are all adults and that is a part of life. So there! You are so welcome. I am thrilled that you are back. I told you it broke my heart when you left and I grieved for days.
        Earlier you said you felt like a child inside and that’s me to a T. I may be aging the but the child in me is very alive and well! And I wouldn’t trade that for all the world. And I would choose you for a playmate any day of the week. When I can’t laugh and have fun any more, it really will be time for me to throw in the hat. I’ve often thought that it would be too much fun if all the people we know and love could have all been children together. What a grand time we would have had!!!! And as it was, it doesn’t get much better than the childhood I had anyway. Hugs, hugs, hugs, and more hugs missy!!! Love you, Kimberly! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Big smiles over here in Tennessee! No, really it’s a very difficult subject to tackle because you want to describe it without getting a technical feel but you want to go beyond the fluff also! So dear heart Brava!!

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        1. Thank you honey (((((hugs))))). I agree, it’s a super difficult subject to tackle – for the 2 reasons you gave, as well as a 3rd – making sure it’s not too vulgar. Don’t get me wrong, “I love me” some good down and dirty erotic vulgarity – *horns go up* … 😉 but this isn’t the stage for it (this particular blog of mine). I’d have to create a pseudo porn name and create a completely different blog haha. 😀 😀 Thank you hugely on the Brava, that’s a tremendous compliment. Thank you honey. ❤ ❤ ❤

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