Seasonal Secrets

Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
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Seasonal Secrets

Calm shift of seasons

Hovering high in the sky

At the ridge of the horizon

Night falls sooner than before

Greeting a new generation of life

Experienced as a secret time of old


* Change of Season *
old new


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10 thoughts on “Seasonal Secrets”

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I’m feeling it too (well I guess you already knew that huh? hehe) … a brand new season, yet holding a lifetime’s worth of memories. Thank you again, I appreciate the visit as well as your comment. ❤ Kimberly


  1. When I got the email about this post, I didn’t try to open it until just now and when I did it came up with something about an error and wouldn’t show me this post. That’s happened a time of two now and I don’t know why. But, sweet missy, I knew how to find you anyway and I love this post and the music is perfect for it! You did a great job of creating you poem with the word change!!! I pray you are having a good day, baby girl! Hugs and love, N 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. gh, you called me baby girl, can I adopt you as an Aunt or something? You are so maternal and loving toward me, and my Gosh Natalie, you have no idea how much I’m soaking it up and keeping it close to heart. Thank you honey. I’ve been on a mess on WP lately. I’ve just gone blank as of late – posting less than half of what I was posting in the past few months, not visiting anyone as I used to every day, etc. I’ve hit a writers, creative, muse, inspirational block. I try and try and then end up pulling down what I post. I think this thing with GeorgieGirl and us being home for over a month now, nearly 24/7 and all that’s happening in that regard, along with the change of Season and some other things I’m experiencing have just made me a little blah, blank and numb lately. I’m sure it’ll return eventually. I’m really glad you liked this. I struggled trying to put together the 3 piece affect – heck, I struggled trying to find something to write about lol. I’ve been tweaking it on and off all day until it finally felt like it was right. Thank you so much or the positive feedback. I definitely need it right now LOL. I’m glad you enjoyed it – now that it’s been tweaked about 20 times, I’m kind of happy with it as far as it telling the story it was supposed to tell. 🙂 Thank you for the good wishes and I hope you had a good day, did you? ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Of course you can adopt me! I can be whatever you’d like! I am very maternal by nature. Probably comes from all those years of babysitting when i was in my teens and then all the years I logged in as a teacher. So just soak up my maternal instincts, baby girl! I’m glad you finally put this piece together because it really was very nice and so worth your time and effort to do so. I tweak my posts a lot too and then finally I just say what the heck and go with it. Since I’m a recovering perfectionist, that’s hard for me to do sometimes. My day was a pretty good one and I slept a little better last night than I had been. Not so sure about tonight though. My grandson had a soccer game and afterwards we went to dinner to celebrate his dad’s, my son-in-law’s, birthday and I ate way, way, way too much. So right now I’m pretty uncomfortable but hope that that eases up before bedtime. You will bounce back eventually from your difficult season, Kimberly. It just takes time and things will probably never be the same but each season of life brings with it both good and bad. So hang in there, dear one! Love and hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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        1. I’m a terrible perfectionist myself – I can drive myself batty with it. Thank you Natalie, it’s very warming and gigantically welcomed to have that space filled.I’m 49 years old, EXTREMELY spiritual (she’s with me constantly – I actually see/feel/hear her – but not in the physical sense), but even so, I feel like a lost lamb in the woods – it’s disorientating. So many thanks and so much gratitude ((((((hugs from here to there))))). I’m glad you slept well last night and it sounds like you had a fun day. Try some tums, tums work for me when I’ve eaten too much. LOL – I can’t believe this conversation we’re having under this post, let alone publicly haha. I know I’ll bounce back, I’m not beating myself over it – I was in a bit of denial all summer, so it’s just kind of all hitting me now. Going back to work this month after 2 years would have been a world of therapy for me – but unfortunately GeorgieGirl (GG) got so terribly injured and that went out the window – I’ll be home with her until January – I’m hoping I can hold onto my sanity for that long! An idle mind …. you know? It’s just no good. It was different over the summer – I wanted the decompression time, it was intentional – I just wanted to decompress from 2 years of hell and have fun – relax, have fun and enjoy life, which I did for the most part, but once August came around I started feeling a bit caged – and with all that I can let my mind go to with this idle time it’s not good. I’ll manage though, I always do … I’m tenacious in that sense and I’ll only give myself permission to feel this way for just so long before I say “enough” — that or my mother will pop up from the other side and drag this mood out of me (she does that) lol. Again, I’m glad that you liked what I put together – if you’re a recovering perfectionist and I’m a perfectionist, and you liked it – then it must be okay lol. Thank you for crossing my path N – Love you K ❤ (P.S. eat some Tums! lol).

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          1. Well little lost lamb you have been found! I’m grateful that you crossed my path as well as you are such an endearing little whippersnapper! I know you will bounce back and January is not that far off, although I’m sure to you if feels like forever. Your post was much more than okay, it was very, very lovely, missy! Okay, so now I’m gonna go take some tums and jump in the shower and maybe I’ll feel better. I pray we both rest well tonight! Talk to you again soon! Love and hugs, Auntie N 🙂 ❤

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            1. Auntie N hehe – made me laugh and think of Auntie M from the Wizard of Oz. 🙂 BIG HUGS!! Tums and a shower – now that’s the description of a good night sleep! LOL (the youngin’s don’t know what they’re missing!!!). HAHA – I am a whippersnapper, funny that you see that too lol. Oh you are a breath of fresh air Natalie – a very welcomed soul in my life. Thank you re: my post. I’m going to stay up a bit longer, not much, and then hit the sack myself. Sleep well!!! xoxoxoxox 🙂 ❤

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  2. Such a beautiful tribute to the changing of the seasons!! Love it. I love fall however the first couple of weeks, I must admit that I mourn the summer but then I snap out of it and welcome the winter. Love the song. A real blast from the past! “O wow man”!! Altogether, a very emotional piece!!

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    1. Thank you Carol <3. I've been having severe not just writers block, but the entire thing I do (sight sound and scribe) — I've just been blocked and blank, so I really appreciate the positive feedback. I keep posting and then taking the posts down because I hate the way they turn out (I'm sure you've noticed a few that keep vanishing *giggles*). I think Fall is an emotional Season in general, a new Season, the onset of the holidays and tied to many memories of old for everyone – but for me this year, it's especially emotional (not sad, but emotional) – it's my first Fall without my mom, so while I'm THRILLED that it's here, loving the longer nights – always have (I prefer this side of the calendar over the other half), it's also filled with memories of Fall's past. I'm really glad that you think it turned out okay – it was a struggle for me trying to put anything together – I'm glad it finally turned out decent —- it's been tweaked countless times all day lol. xoxox Thanks Carol!


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