The Release

Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
Please start the music above the picture before reading. Thank you.


seasons end – memories fade
dissolving like old torn photographs
lost in the worn cedar chests of yesteryear

* Releasing The Past *

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16 thoughts on “The Release”

    1. Thank you Mishy!! Spending this kind of HUGE time at home now with Georgie, so much of what I used to know and had forgotten how to do is flowing back into me. I’m really enjoying redeveloping my art/graphics skills, as well as my expressive writing skills – they help in better expressing what it is I’m trying to express. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. The song, the art, the writing – all about letting go of the past. You got goosebumps? I’m so touched and humbled by that. I’m my own worst critic, I NEVER see in me what anyone else does, so when something I create has a true affect on someone, it means more to me than you can imagine Thank you Mishydoo. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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    2. Mish, are you still on WP? I’m hoping some of my dear friends I met here are. I’ve been trying to plan a comeback of sorts, which unfortunately is easier said than done for me due to the amount of creativity I post with and my current lack thereof lol. Mishy if you’re still here, might you possibly remember the piano instrumental that once played with this post? I can hum it, but that won’t help us via type haha. The link it was linked to was taken down on youtube, and now I don’t remember the name of the ballad, so I can’t fix it. 😦 HELP, pretty please? ❤ Hope all is well, it's been a long, long time, so much has changed and happened. I do hope you're well, and still causing hearts to smile … and am truly hoping to return sometime in the very near future.

      xoxoxox Kimberly


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