Melodic Signal

Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
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Lioin Space Colored2

Everlastingly perched upon the highest ridge on
Planet Dream – at the edge of its atmosphere so close
to the stars that the wisest of wise is considered
to be that of a celestial being – the ruler of Dream.

Staring out at the earth through infinite galaxies
across the universe – eyes fixed on the inhabitants with
sadness, as well as conviction, waiting for them to awaken,
its heart blanketed with ferocious hope and optimism.

At times disappointment is seen in its eyes,
but it remains still and in place upon its ridge – never
giving-up on the lost children of earth who have become
blind and unknowing through the tapestry of time.

Humankind waiting for a millennia to hear its roar,
for the wisest to say something – to send instructions,
deaf to its continuous signal through consciousness – a
a melodic message dispatched across the cosmos.

infused into our hearts
as a question within a song
* Could You Be Love ? *

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36 thoughts on “Melodic Signal”

    1. hanks you Lorrie – what a HUGE compliment, I keep telling people I’m incredibly humbled, but humbled doesn’t even touch the surface of what I’m feeling. This is just a personal outlet for me to sort of spill out the many layers of who I am – not easily done in other venues of life. I never expected, and am so overwhelmed and touched by, the many people who are enjoying and appreciating what I’m sharing. Between my eclectic taste in music, mood, emotion, thought and passions – I’m surprised I haven’t been blackballed yet, let alone actually being enjoyed? LOL Thank you so very much, I appreciate your kind words immensely. ❤

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      1. You keep rockin’ it!! I think what you share is authentic. ..and people can tell that!! You will see…you will just continue to gain followers and momentum!! 😉

        Didn't get a song for you yet…but kept feeling Enrique Iglesias…in my mind…but don't even know any of his songs…or if it would even be your vibe…? But…because it was there I thought I would share.
        Have a super duper (did I just say that?) Day!!! 🙂

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        1. Yes you did … you said super duper! hahaha And, it was “delightful” LMAO! You’re so sweet Lorrie, thank you so much for all you’ve said and how you’re receiving my posts. They really are just me being me – changed emotion from minute to minute … good mood, bad mood, sad mood, positive mood, funny or playful mood … or an experience or story I’m spilling out from my life. I’m just creating a holographic image of myself, for myself, and never imagined the effect it was going to have on people, though I’m finding myself excited and grateful for it. Have a “magnificent” haha weekend! Be back tomorrow or Monday. 🙂 Re: song, ALL music is my vibe (minus heavy metal and opera), but don’t struggle with it (though thank you so much), I’ve let it go, onto today! 🙂 ❤

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          1. Hello Pearlz and thank you so very much, your feelings about my blog mean more to me than you know! I actually find it quite a humbling honor to have anyone wish to reblog my content; however, I have very strong convictions about it (disclaimer on my blog). A mention of the the author (me) and a link back to my original post/blog must be provided, and if you offer the ability for your followers to “share” on sites off of WordPress, then I wouldn’t be comfortable having my content reblogged. Once someone’s content is shared off WordPress, it’s impossible to control anyone from copying your work and/or taking credit for it – and the things I write about are mirrors of my life and who I am. I feel genuinely honored that you would like to, and I gratefully thank you and respect you for asking before hand. I hope that you will please respect my reblogging qualifiers without an ill intent at all, as none is intended. Again, thank you so very much for visiting, as well as your lovely compliment.


            1. I totally agree, I prefer to be asked by anyone reblogging my work as well and for all work to be credited and linked back, and it’s important to respect writers and creatives in this space. It is a double edged sword sharing writing online, as you read your work out to so many people, but on the other always issues that it could be copied or misused, as for sharing through as soon as any of us share work anywhere on line it can be shared anywhere else and that is a challenge and a risk we all face as online writers.

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              1. I’m so glad that how I felt was received with warmth, as it was mean to be. The “share” function is what bothers me – too many people have the share off WP option enabled – and once it gets off WP it’s out there for anyone’s taking and the writer in most cases would never even know it. I’m not quite sure why anyone has their personal work posted with the share option enabled – why would anyone want to have their personal work shared on countless other websites and social media sites – having giving up complete control of their work, credit and how it’s being used – but apparently more members here than not, have the share option enabled. *perplexed*


    1. Thank you so very much Yolanda – I am so, so sorry that I missed you comment – it was right about the time that my dog had gotten injured. This is one of my favorite posts/writings/thoughts. It’s a really deep message that I wish everyone could hear. Thank you again, and once again, I am very sorry that I hadn’t seen it prior to today. ❤ Kimberly


        1. Oh good! 🙂 And, thank you very much re: my dog. Actually she goes in for her 2nd surgery (left leg) in 5 days *yikes*. It’s been a heck of a journey, but we’re halfway through it. 🙂 (thank God!!!). ❤ Kimberly


  1. Kimba – I apologize for asking this question on your blog, It seems most of my comments was removed or canceled. I feel terrible tonight if some they don’t want to see comments. As you know I adore your blogs!


    1. Thank you so much Susanne. I do think in far more than one dimension or “a straight line” – and when others are touched by it or merely get to experience it with me – it’s very humbling. Thank you so very much! ❤ Kimberly


  2. The Lion of Judah! What a coincidence.
    First, this is fantastic, and you are right about it being a great example of using image, song and verse to convey a message. I started the song and began to groove. Then I took in the picture. Then I read the text, glancing back to the picture, every other line or so. Somehow the picture caused me to read the words with great reverence. Maybe it was just the words themselves. They are wonderful.
    I say ‘coincidence,’ because my lifelong best friend has told me several times over the years, “I see the Lion of Judah in your eyes.” It happened just recently.
    Not a huge coincidence, but…these things catch my attention.
    GREAT post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNEW you were going to like this one. I’d like to say they’re all pretty creative, but I had a feeling this would be the best way to explain the way I post – and it’s one of my old favorites. And YES, the lion does represent great reverence – as well as the word “roar” I used in the story. I’m so glad you liked it, and got it. They’re all written that way, but again, I don’t know why I thought this would be the one I should point you to. I’ve always loved this song, and I do believe that life on other planets have to be looking down at us with either great confusion, or great sadness – and, every religion on this planet (how many are there now?), are all waiting for some type of magical triumphant sign … meanwhile, the sign(s) already exist – BE LOVE, and that’s how it all came together. It’s a story about what not only what I believe, but what I feel.

      SO cool that your friend has said that to you many times, and even more cool that he said it recently “I see the Lion of Judah in your eyes.” I don’t agree that it’s not a huge coincidence … because I don’t believe that anything is a coincidence. I told you … I haven’t figured out the purpose yet. 😉

      Thank you for the post kudos – I’m really glad that you enjoyed it – and that it reached out to you. That’s what they’re supposed to do. Thank you again.



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