Lucid Dreams

Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
Please start the music above the picture before reading. Thank you.


Duality – sleeping yet playing elsewhere with others …

Realistic reunions filled with endless love and pleasure …

Exported reality onto a plane where pain cannot endure …

Astonishing and vivid happiness of scenarios wished for …

Melancholy memories upon re-entering the wakened world.

* Ode To A Lucid Dream *

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27 thoughts on “Lucid Dreams”

    1. There’s only one response to your comment – I love you. 🙂 hehe Thank you Richard!!! P.S. I can only take responsibility for a portion of the artwork … it was found art that I spiffed up a bit and added a butterfly to.


  1. oh… acrostics 🙂 zowy… nice… haha I love the diddling art of acrostics… the Metaphysical poets Dryden and Marvell were masters of it… you should really read them someday they seem to fit your metaphysical proclivities 😉

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I usually go to Wiki when you write to me that way lol … but TY, I was feeling quite lazy – that dream exhausted me, I was having a great time! 😉 OOOOOoooo so now I’m writing in a way that actually exists. Look at that, and I thought I was just being cool. 😉 hehe

          Liked by 1 person

    1. You know – you always lift me up. You need some beauty so you came to my blog, how incredibly sweet, kind, complimentary, humbling and wonderful a thing to say. Thank you so much “Blue” (blue is the most unique color of all M&M’s). I’m sorry that you had a grueling day – still pounding away at work huh? I’m sorry – I know what it’s like. Believe it or not I envy you!!! Well, you made it past hump day – just 2 more to go. Thanks so much for visiting my corner of the Net for the reasons you say – so sweet ❤ <3. I really did have an AMAZING lucid dream this morning – it went on for a long, long time. I had even woken up, got up and then gone back to bed and fell right back into it again. It was wonderful. Much like my reality right now, but filled with enormous laughter, joy and happiness – mom was there too, it was fabulous!


        1. So glad you’re home now, i know you’ve been under the gun at work. If I said the highlight of my day was my lucid dream this morning would that answer your question? 😀 George and I are growing more bored by the minute – her spirits are very down, I can’t blame her – and I’m still dealing with the things I emailed you about. However, I woke up today, and that’s ALWAYS a WONDERFUL way to start the day! haha. ❤ Thanks for you asking sweetheart. How'z by you?


    1. hahahaha – Yes, we were talking about Acrostics – and then I was asking about the style in Melodic Signal, which yes, is one of my posts – stop being lazy and actually go to my blog and look in the list hahahaha. Is there a name for that type of writing? Same concept, but with an entire word – move your but to my blog lazy! :-p


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