You And Me Eternally ❣

Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
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Dedicated To My Mother – Beautiful Audrey – (1/24/38 – 11/24/13)

through clouds of cotton-candied lace
another place in time and space
a loving light upon my face
– not a memory –
but a true embrace

* You And Me Against The World *

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21 thoughts on “You And Me Eternally ❣”

    1. Thank you Carol. ❤ I didn't mean to bring you to tears with me, I'm sorry hon. 😦 This song rips me up, yet fills my heart with love at the same time. She's with me all of the time – when I'm at my happiest or most sad or scared, there she is. I know she's with me, and I'm grateful beyond words that I have the clarity and "antenna" to see, feel and hear her … but every now and again I miss her in the physical world terribly.

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      1. 100% am the same! Tears don’t bother me as they heal so no need to apologize. I believe that aside from a spouse, our mothers are the hardest loss! I know mine was and I’ve had a lot of loss! Thank you for writing this!

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    1. HEY what about the song and what I wrote! *slaps you with a wet fish* – it was extremely deep and meaningful (men! lol). Thank you Richard – it was the perfect image … her heart and energy is always shining on me. I’m very blessed – I miss her terribly, but I’m very blessed. ❤


    1. I know she did honey (((hugs))) <3. My heart is with you. I'm only a few months a head of you in healing and it doesn't seem to get any easier – it's just the time in-between the echoes that gets longer. George and I are hanging in? Thank you for asking xoxoxox. How are you?


    1. Mine did too, both – and I’ve had a post brewing with “I Am Woman” for a few weeks now (great minds and great memories think alike), I’ll finish it sometime soon. Thank you so much Mishy xoxox, feedback of any kind, as well as sweet words, always mean a great deal to me, but even more so when it pertains to something I’ve put together about my mother. She’s truly my greatest love of all, regardless of which side she’s on now. ❤ Thank you Mishy. Love & Blessings To You!

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