Basket Case

Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
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She’s been turned inside out and upside down,
auras of every color beaming out of her in chaos
leaving her with the likes of a derailed spirit.

A monkey on her head shifting her thoughts,
her inherent nature being suctioned out at warp
speed through an emotional wormhole.

Unfamiliar territory never before visited,
a logical being filled with order … or had been,
cracking up through the dense atmosphere.

Raw truth the only possible medication, but
the psychologist writes prescriptions in scribble,
she’ll never understand how she got here.
(or why)

* At A Doctor’s Office In Space *
acting like a basket case

smiley blackwhite confused

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43 thoughts on “Basket Case”

  1. Wow! You have opened an experiential door to mental illness and done it so very well! I know of where I speak. So spot on about how it feels and the part about the therapist and the scribbling! You have written my psychological life!! Thank you, dear friend!

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    1. For me it’s more of a temporary emotional cold, but a cold that was caught, and caused, by the very thing that could cure it. Truly a mind boggling scenario in which I’ve never encountered before – nor am I enjoying dealing with the symptoms.

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    1. In allowing myself to be vulnerable to a conundrum that refuses to explain its riddle with any realistic honesty or depth, I was thrown, more than once, into an alter ego … a skin that I am quite uncomfortable in.


  2. I am sorry you have such confusion. Look deep. The answers are in your soul. If it feels light and airy it is truth … if it feels heavy and ugly it is a lie. I am sending you a cocoon of yellow energy … that is what I saw. I usually think white healing light … but with you yellow was very strong!

    I am pulling for you…and remember…this too shall pass!

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    1. The color yellow with regard to spirit is an excellent color. Not at all surprised that you saw it with me. 😉 Thank you honey. ❤ xoxox I'm good. I just needed to acknowledge a little sumpin' sumpin'. I forgive the person who brought me there, as well as myself for going. It was dark and heavy, and yes … I 100% agree with what that means. ❤ Love & Light To You Sweet Lorrie.

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        1. Lesson Learned: If you react poorly to the way someone else acts (poorly), you’ve not only given them control over your own actions, and not been true to your own nature – but the poor reactions end up looking like your own ugliness, rather than a reaction to theirs.

          Well, my doggy has an injured leg, so I’m not sure about how much peace I’ll have, but there’ll definitely be a lot of love. ❤ Wishing you the same sweetheart. Muah xoxox

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            1. I learned it an uncountable amount of times over the course of less than 2 months? I’m assuming it was lesson I was destined to learn? :/ 🙂

              Thank you honey – I haven’t left her side in 4 days – she’ll be okay, I’ll see to it! xoxoxo ❤ to you Lorrie.

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    1. I’m finding it quite the tickle that so many people smiled at my expressive chaos and misery hahahahahaha. I did express it in a fun kind of way, I couldn’t help it, the song made me do it haha. I guess all emotions good, bad or indifferent cause smiles – because to feel is to live. ❤


        1. I’m a whirling dervish of thoughts. lol — you know how we multi-taslk online? I multi-task even faster in my mind (scary!). I’m usually up and down all at the same time, I just have to do an eeny meeny miny mo on which though/emotion I want to share. Game of “Hot Potato” anyone? 😀 ❤


    1. LOL thank you Lisa!!! I laughed, because I was genuinely surprised about the reaction to this one. My loss of my mind at that moment, and the way I expressed it, seemed to hit a nail right on the head with quite a few people. 😀 Thanks again!!! ❤ Kimberly


      1. I guess it’s good to know we aren’t alone. You know it’s great writing when someone does a double take and says, “Wait a minute! Is she talking about me?!” LOL.
        I really like your blog. I followed. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

            1. LOL – be careful, every so often I throw out a “dancing with myself post” (they go in and out of private mode) —- you might end up doing the happy dance by force one day haha. So glad you found me too!!!! ❤ Thank you Lisa!!! :smiles: Kimberly


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