Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
Please start the music above the picture before reading. Thank you.


Navigating forward toward the water’s edge, a journey
facing an awe-inspiring stage, as the sun begins to
plunge beneath the horizon, shared between
but you and this moment – a romantic
duet played in silence … an event
that takes place at the same
time each day, yet playing
a different tune with
each new arrival.

* Dusk *

the arrival of a magnificent journey
into the after-day

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19 thoughts on “After-Day”

    1. Thank you so much Lorrie!!!! ❤ Your comments are always so complimenting and kind. I'm so glad that you're enjoying what I'm trying to create. And yes, LOL – you did say splendid, but fear not – I've found myself using words like delightful and splendid quite often since coming to WP lol. I'm more of a cool, groovy, awesome, totally dig it type person myself – but like you, I'm finding the word splendid rolling off my tongue and onto my fingers too! LOL


    1. Thank you Carol, I do appreciate your feedback and input greatly. I don’t know why I do that (write in triangle and different shapes). It started a while back and I just haven’t seemed to stop – I think I have a connection to shapes? I’m a strange bird LOL.


        1. I am happy! I never imagined that what I do, feel or express would effect or touch people in this way. I’m a bit taken back – in surprise and a great deal of gratitude. I love who I’m connecting with here and there are no words for me to describe (which is shocking – I’m a chatterbox lol) how touched I am – about my expressions reaching the hearts or spirits of others. I feel blessed. ❤


          1. Oh yes you will continue to! I just can feel it! It’s hard to imagine when I started someone believed in me and it shocked me too! Actually I am still shocked and humbled I can’t express it but I know you know ! 😄

            Liked by 1 person

            1. It’s truly humbling, surprising, overwhelming, touching, confusing, inspiring and beautiful all at the same time – and that doesn’t even fully describe it. I’m glad someone found you and believed in you – I don’t know you long at all, and over a computer no less – and I think you’re amazing. 🙂


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