Adieu Papillon

Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
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Butterfly Heartbreak3

Originally Posted August 7, 2014

Upon an island blowing gentle wind,
caterpillars born within a tempered nest
evolved into turmoil now crushing the womb
which, needing to expel the growing commotion,
exhaled the flurry through an open ridge …
pouring the wings of flight into
the afterlife of lost

* Adieu Papillon *
tu es la vague … moi l’île nue
je t’aime mon ami

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7 thoughts on “Adieu Papillon”

    1. It’s a very sensual song — love being made, extreme passion, between the ocean (a wave) and the land (an island), but the song itself, aside from the extremely sensual aspect, has a very deep meaning. It’s about the ocean (wave) and the island being in love – but due to the current of the waves rolling in and out, on and off shore, and the island being still and in place, their love can’t ever be, so they must say goodbye. A doubled edged song for sure. Quite beautiful.

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