Dawn Dancer

Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
Please start the music above the picture before reading. Thank you.

Angel Morning

A sense of release and relief
relief the bearer of rejoicing
rejoicing in the morning light
lightness that of a feather
a feather flowing in the wind
the wind renewing my strength
strength that carries my spirit
spirit that had been blocked
blocked by constant complexity
complexity weighing me down
down to a place of adversity
adversity destroyer of relief
relief the bearer of rejoicing
rejoicing in the morning light
light of honor and grace
grace of dancing angels
angel of the morning

* Dawn Dancer *

A special thanks to S.C. Hickman
for the nudge to find my light.

Planet Dream Diaries
✿ I’d welcome your company, connecting, as well as your feedback.✿

21 thoughts on “Dawn Dancer”

    1. The poem/writing is authentically mine, but the song playing is an old song by Juice Newton called “ANGEL OF THE MORNING.” It’s a song I’ve loved for most of my life, it’s quite beautiful. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


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  1. Your words are extraordinary! I just love this writing. But the fact that you can’t sing now makes me very sad 😦 I think I can carry a tune…but any time I hear my voice recorded I find out I can’t!! I will send healing energy that can break through the “irreversible” diagnosis!!! ❤


    1. Aww, thank you sweetheart. Most vocal chords are like tart white rubber bands … mine are more of a dark jello blob. I could have surgery to cut off a great deal of the blob, but taking the risk of what it could do to my voice should there be an “oopsie” isn’t worth the risk to me. Who cares if I can cause glass to break or ear bleeding anyway? hehe LOL @ what you hear when you’re recorded. You’re too funny! 🙂 And again, thank you. ❤


        1. Again, thank you so much … and me too! I was looking for your updates in my reader all weekend – hadn’t seen any – I really need to spend some time on your blog/page getting to know you. Do you want to have a good giggle? Well, you might not giggle as much as I did, but then again – I do have the playful humor of a childlike little fairy lol. Take a look at my “barefoot” post – I just turned it into a foot … and *looks around oddly* … I got a knee slapping kick out of it! LOL


            1. Yea, you went to barefoot? I just finished the “foot” a few minutes ago – I’ve been trying for over a week – I’m so proud! hahahahahaha lolololol (it takes very little to make me happy and I do amuse myself often) lol.


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