Hello Dolly ❣

Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
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I felt you sitting near me today, in the
old wicker chair on the porch, the one without the sun
soaked pillow as mine, your chair.

I said “Hello Dolly,” as we used to say to
each other at the start of countless calls, causing you to smile
ever so brightly, which brought a song to my heart.

It was too hot, I went back inside, into the house where we
used to play like two little girls, mother and daughter, you the “me”
me the “mini,” so much like you, even more so now.

Hopefully you followed me in,
you had to be hot – though no longer in skin.

It was good to see you Dolly

Planet Dream Diaries
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4 thoughts on “Hello Dolly ❣”

  1. Thanks you. 🙂 This is who we were, what we are, who I was, before she left …. In fact, I was very much like this even after she left (last November) …. not much of a change in my personality after the fact, other than I speak to dead people now. 😉 I’ve just had a conundrum thrown into my life over the past 2-3 months that’s been both a blessing and a curse – and it’s been leaking out of my personality. This too shall pass (the conundrum, not my normal personality – which as you know, is a gigantic Onion all in itself – OY!). *giggles*


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