Heat Wave

Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries
Please start the music above the picture before reading. Thank you.


Body temperature begins to rise
channels of sweat pour down my body
resembling dripping condensation on a
frozen bottle left outside to melt.

Muscles contract fluently
my form refusing to remain still
as my head falls back and my mouth
releases moans of involuntary accent.

Haze of altered reality all consuming
faster breaths that shorten with
each inhale – clothing restricts
denying me my flesh.

Heart pounds inducing a racing pulse
reacting to nothing other than the
swelter that’s been injected and
thrust into my anatomy.

My familiar stands near to me
panting through a veil of girth as
their eyes fill with longing – conjointly
experiencing an unending fever.

Paralyzed by a cape of senses
engulfed by a moment that favors
the taste of eternity – while I squirm
frenzied, restrained and helpless.

– control has been taken from me –

summer in Florida
a broken air conditioner
No Bueno!

Planet Dream Diaries
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15 thoughts on “Heat Wave”

    1. HAHA – you are so lucky I wasn’t sipping on my water that time! After 3 days without AC, over 24 hours of which I was locked in an apartment that began to feel like a coffin buried 10 feet deep, there was enough sweat on my one body to wake up and entice an entire nation. P.S. You left out the “oh my” after your “oh me. (being a smart-ass after writing about angels is yet another one of my hypocrisies. 🙂


  1. oh my… 🙂 haha wow… 3 days in a coffin is enough for any goth … get out now quick the vamps might think your human! I forgot you live in … how did you phrase it “big onion” is that what they call Florida these days 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Steven, oh wise man who speaks in poetic splendor, yet can’t figure out what my profile says …I’M THE BIG ONION *giggles* As far as what to call Florida, I’ve been going with “hell” for the past several years now, the nickname classes the place up a bit. 🙂 As far as vamps go, they’re unavoidable – I’m an earth angel and fairy of sorts, they love my scent. Unfortunately, I’m a bit drawn to them as well. Between your all day writing(s), the comments on those, and now these, I am absolutely certain, without question, that I have a great deal of soul searching to do tonight (which began with that filthy artifact we call home), thank you very much! 😉


  2. K – messing with yourself is totally acceptable … possibly not all that acceptable under a sweaty seductive AC poem called heat wave, nonetheless, it works. 🙂 Alrighty, I really am leaving the laptop now … time to stretch my legs, leave my FINALLY air conditioned “artifact” to walk my dog – and then sit and ponder the concept of my heartfelt attachment to a meaningless illusion … not to mention the numerous amount of hypocrisies I came across in myself during our comment tag. 😉 Nite Steven. Keep the flashlights on!


        1. It usually is for me as well – LOVE Sundays – but between GeorgieGirl (not good today) and another subject – peace eludes me today. If you want peace, with no sadness, though it’s not all that sad, as much as a life’s story – don’t read Poetic Reality (posted today) – it’s a true story … well everything I write is, but this was in actual story form and quite recent. The Passage (re-posted today) is true as well, speaking from a purely spiritual side – and for me, it’s beautiful – a bit lost, but beautiful in the sense that I feel fortunate to have been born as I am.


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